November 16, 2008

Shootin' hoops

Last night, we took Squiggles to his very first college basketball game. Brian scored some free tickets through work, so we decided that it would be fun to go and we wouldn't have to worry about leaving early if we needed to.

And guess what? It WAS fun. Lots of fun! Until the end when Squiggles got hungry and tired of sitting still. So we didn't leave on the most positive note, but we still had fun.

It's actually amazing to experience some things through his eyes. For example, our tickets were general admission, same as most students, so we ended up just a few rows up from some college hoops fanboys. You know, the guys who go shirtless and paint their chests? Anyway, normally I would ignore them or begrudge their taunting, but not Squiggles! No sir, he was fascinated by these guys. When they cheered, he waved his arms and squealed. He clapped when anyone in the stands clapped (for either team!), and he desperately wanted to get down on that court and play with the ball. He was just so captivated and excited by all that was going on around him, Brian and I couldn't help but be more excited about everything, too.

It really is great to see things through a child's eyes.

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