November 3, 2008

Moving day (night)

We decided to make the big drive from Ohio to Florida in the still of night. Hard on us? Yes. Easy on Squiggles? Yes! We left at bedtime, and he slept like a champ for almost the entire drive. There was an hour around 3am where he was awake, but he just stared out the window and eventually fell back asleep again. It kind of sucked for Brian and me (well, mostly Brian, who drove all the way through to almost the Georgia border by himself, only stopping for gas...unfortunately, he accomplished this by getting hopped up on energy drinks and then couldn't fall asleep even though he wanted to), but it was so worth it to keep Squiggles on some semblance of his schedule.

We took it easy the day we arrived (Labor Day), but I think everyone adjusted pretty well to the temporary apartment that Brian's company had put him up in.

Squiggles didn't waste any time finding a fun place to hide and play. It just happened to be a kitchen cabinet. The dogs made themselves comfortable, too:

Oh, and Squiggles really helped out while we made the transition:

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