November 20, 2008

A Lovely Day

It's almost 6pm, and instead of worrying about getting dinner on the table and trying to snatch away the loaf of bread that Squiggles is taunting the dogs with ('cause he steals it every time I open the refrigerator) AND trying to pick up the house before Brian gets home, I am sitting in a hotel room, watching Friends and surfing the web. I'm not even concerned about dinner (we're going out for Italian). Squiggles is having fun on The Reservation. This is a vacation, people!

And the whole day has been just as relaxing. I did have to ferry Brian to the school this morning; otherwise I would have been hotel-bound all day. I came back to the hotel, got a cup of coffee, and sat in bed doing the USA Today puzzles (Have you seen the Txtpert one? It's pretty cool!) and watching The Today Show. I worked out. I took my time getting ready. I had a leisurely lunch out. I drove around and enjoyed the beautiful weather (mid to upper 60's) and beautiful views of the beach and riverfront. I sat outside with an afternoon cup of coffee and read for over an hour. Now I'm just hanging out until Brian's done working.

This is really a nice break. It took me a long time to get to the point where I could admit that I needed a break from being a mom. I'm sure it stemmed from the fact that I felt guilty about having to work and couldn't be at home with Squiggles like I wanted. I thought that, since I had such little time with him, I shouldn't want to NOT spend time with him. Now I know I need a break every now and then so that I can be a better, calmer, less-stressed mom.

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Jen said...

Never feel guilty about needing time to yourself. It's good to remember who you are outside of being a mom. And those moments by yourself make you a more fun mom to be around when your with your kids again. Glad you're having a good time!