November 8, 2008

Sandcastles in the Sand

Anyone else watch How I Met Your Mother? Funny stuff.

So we did not go to the winery today. Squiggles is still not doing great, but he is doing better than yesterday, thank goodness. And we still had a nice day: my sister and her boyfriend came just before lunch, so we all got to spend the afternoon and evening hanging out and having fun. After lunch, everyone else went on a long golf cart tour of the reservation while I stayed behind and the baby napped (I made buckeye bars and caught a little cat nap that just served to make me more tired than before, which is weird). Then we all went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. It was pretty good, but Squiggles took a header on the pavement outside while we were waiting for a table, so I spent most of the meal paying attention to him (thankfully, my mom helped a lot). We kept dabbing ice on his forehead throughout the evening, and the goose egg that was threatening to pop out never got a chance. He'll be fine - little boys have thick skulls!

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