November 13, 2007

Happy Camper

Ha-ha! Squiggles got a 2 hour nap in this morning, and guess what? He was happy the rest of the day, even with a shorter 1 hour nap in the afternoon! I am convinced that that first nap is crucial for him - if he gets a long morning nap, he's a happy camper; if not, well, we're in for a bumpy evening.

He has been wanting to go to bed earlier, though, but I think it's just part of the new schedule. Since he wakes up from his afternoon nap between 4 and 5pm, staying awake until 8pm is probably about all I can ask for right now.

The oatmeal feedings are still going well. He just about scarfs down 2tbsp, so tomorrow I think I'll make 3tbsp and see how much more he'll eat. I'm also starting to plan for his introduction to fruits and vegetables. I borrowed a couple of baby cookbooks (not how to cook a baby, but how to cook for one) and I'm learning all about purees and such. Loads of fun!

By the way, the official countdown to Florida is just under 73 1/2 hours. I'm so excited! Though, I am starting to wonder when I'll blog - but I'll figure it out!

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